The Path of the Submissive Partner™ virtual course:


A proven, effective approach to living a healthy, loving experience in your long-term, committed D/S relationship as a submissive/supportive partner.
Focusing on yourself, your partner, your relationship.
An insightful, informative 4-week course created to help students take their relationships to another level.

This course is for you if:

Love is important to you, and your relationship is a valuable priority in your life.

You are naturally-oriented to be the supportive or submissive partner (S-type) in your committed Leading and Supportive love relationship.

You prefer that your significant other be the Leading or Dominant partner and NOT somewhere in the middle.

You want to find out more about yourself as an S-type partner and how to be the best partner that you can be. This includes creating better interactions and communication in your relationship.

You want the best relationship for the both of you and you feel you are missing helpful information, support, and tools to make and keep your relationship stronger, more loving, and successful.

You have been in previous relationships that did not work and you want more insight on what went wrong to make sure that you are better prepared to be able to have an amazing relationship.

For S-type Partners Who Desire Loving, Long-term, D/S Relationships.

You may take control or be in charge in other areas of your life, but you definitely have the self-awareness that as a romantic partner, you are at the submissive end of the dominant and submissive spectrum. You desire a partner who is on the dominant end of the spectrum – not someone who is somewhere in the middle or the same as you.

“Successful D/S is not what some people think it is…some of the strongest people I’ve known have been Submissive partners. Some of the most sensitive people I’ve known have been Dominant partners.”


Now to learn to make the most out of this amazing and wonderful dance, right?



By now you are in -- or want to be in -- a relationship that is committed, long-term, and “Leading and Supportive” or as more commonly known as a “Dominant and Submissive” Relationship.

By trial and error, or just by default, you have found or are finding that you are drawn to be with a Leading or Dominant partner, as no other type works or feels right for you.

You want your experience and connection with your partner to be the very best it can be. Deep love, understanding, passion, teamwork, peace, trust, and security are important to you.



Your relationship status may be at one of various levels:

  • You are looking for your ideal dominant or leading partner.
  • You want and need your 24/7 relationship to work better, to be more loving and close.
  • You are in a great D/S relationship that you are happy with, and you want to learn more and grow with it to make it better.

In any case, you are ready to take your relationship to the next level.

Welcome to a deeper dive into D/S relationships!

Hi! I’m Chris Lyon.

As a relationship expert and educator, I have nearly two decades of experience working with couples. The scope of this work ranged from couples wanting to improve their relationship, to relationships in crisis. I’ve helped people transform and save their relationships and now I want to help you.

I’ve developed an expertise and focus on the Dominant and Submissive dynamic, with my own relationship experience, and extensive work, including working with educators, mental health professionals and relationship colleagues. I conducted a survey with over 330 respondents who considered themselves either a Dominant or Submissive partner.

Combining all of my personal and professional experience, my research, and the survey results, I wrote and published the highly-acclaimed relationship book that has been an acclaimed resource and reference guide by D/S partners all over the world:

Author    |    Relationship Expert   |   Personal Coach   |   Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist

Leading and Supportive Love:
The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships™.

This book is not about certain lifestyles, kink, or religion as there are a ton of knowledgeable books about those. It is all about day-to-day healthy, loving, long-term, committed D/S relationships.

The responses I’ve received from readers are that their relationships have significantly benefited from reading my book. Now I’m taking it to another level with my course:

The Path of the Submissive Partner ™.

You need to know what makes this relationship type work and what doesn’t.

Over the four-week course, I address some of the biggest issues in D/S relationships and how to resolve them successfully for a bonded relationship that is strong and incredibly loving.

  • Do you want to learn how to do a deeper dive into your relationship to have a greater mutual understanding and security in your life together?
  • Do you want both you and your partner to feel more loved, happy, and connected than ever?
  • Do you want your friends and family to have greater understanding and acceptance of your partner and your relationship?

Imagine being able to have more productive, connected interactions in your relationship, especially when navigating through challenging issues or difficult transitions.

When you complete the 4 weekly modules with bonuses, packed with valuable information, guidance, and tools….

You WILL be at another level as a D/S partner, and you WILL know how to have a better D/S relationship and enjoy more love and security – for life.


There is nothing like this anywhere.



Path of the Submissive Partner™ virtual course:

For S-type Partners Who Desire Loving, Long-term, Successful Dominant and Submissive relationships.

Here’s a course breakdown of what you’ll receive:

Module 1

Learn More About You: Where you fit within the D/S relationship dynamic and understanding the whole thing better.

You'll Discover

An overview on the amazing dynamic of committed D/S or L/S relationships - including what many people may not know.

How living a long-term, committed D/S relationship isn’t really all about “shades of grey”. 

Challenges and questions that many S-types have, and some helpful answers that help with clarity and resolution.

First steps to get started now on strengthening your relationship skills for the most loving relationship possible.

Why CHANGE is important, how to do it to improve your D/S relationship. You’ll become more aware of where you have arrived at in the present and how to track positive changes during the course.

You'll Receive

  • Two helpful instructional videos that will help you reflect on your journey from the past to the present. Learn simple tools and methods to create your future as an S-type who holds relationship as a priority in their life.
  • A discovery worksheet to understand yourself better as an S-type partner.
  • A list of profile points describing S-type partners.
  • Access to our closed FB group in support of D/S partners.

Module 2

Knowing Your Partner Better: A deeper dive into the ins and outs of how D/S relationships work through the compatible differences of S-type and D-type partners.

You'll Discover

  • The most important, vital key element that makes the difference between a stressful, strained and more distant relationship and a close, loving, relationship that can navigate through just about anything.
    This game-changer can be more important than communication! This is a must-have.
  • Why and how to use it successfully.
  • One of the most common difficult issues for D/S relationships (hint: it’s not an inside job) and how to address it in a healthy, productive way.
  • How this dynamic has fewer power struggles than other types of relationships and other benefits according to D/S-knowledgeable mental health professionals.
  • Toggling: what it is and why it’s one of the most harmful things the S-type can do to the relationship. A better understanding of your Dominant partner and their needs in your D/S relationship. 

You'll Receive

  • A list of profile points describing D-type partners.
  • A worksheet helping you identify the strong points of your relationship and what you want to improve on.
  • Three helpful instructional videos on D/S compatibility and the structure and inner-workings of this relationship model (why & how it works).

Module 3

Into High Gear: Developing and Maintaining Optimum Communication and Connection in a D/S Relationship.

You'll Discover

  • How to communicate effectively with your Dominant partner when you struggle to find the words. The power of Reassurance: How to feel safe in your relationship and taking preventative actions to keep it that way.
  • Intimacy and love: The value of knowing exactly what makes each partner feel loved and how to do it (varies with each individual).

The singular simple Ultimate Relationship Tool that can immediately help transform communication and understanding in your main relationship and any other family, friend, or work relationships, on the spot – (you’ve got to see this)!

  • A simple three-step process to eliminate communication blow-ups and shutdowns while you continue difficult and/or emotional discussions.

You'll Receive

  • Three helpful instructional videos discussing the subjects for this module.
  • A step-by-step relationship Power Tool guide
  • Reference Guide for the three successful, quick-and-easy steps for continuing a productive (and difficult) conversation with your partner.

Module 4

Making the Changes: improvements to help your relationship now and specialty subjects for D/S-type relationships.

You'll Discover

  • Using what you’ve learned for better love and understanding for both partners.
  • Self-care and D/S: why this makes a difference for you and your relationship. (includes mental and physical issues)
  • If you go: how to prepare for therapy or facilitation for your relationship.
  • Final thoughts and more research results.

You'll Receive

  • A Self-care worksheet.
  • Your very own submissive’s journal to inspire and guide you along your relationship path.
  • Three helpful instructional videos about this important and final module, including how to use the submissive’s journal.


  • BONUS ONE: Digital version of “Leading and Supportive Love: The Truth About Dominant and Submissive Relationships™ : You will receive a link and download info to get your PDF digital copy for your reference immediately after you register for the Path of the Submissive Partner™ virtual course.
  • BONUS TWO: An EXTRA mini-module. Single submissive partners get help upgrading yourself as a partner so you can “upgrade” to your ideal Dominant partner.
  • BONUS THREE: Another EXTRA mini-module. Sensitive s-type partners: loving D/S as a sensitive.

The Path of the Submissive Partner™ virtual course is available at a low cost for a limited time, so sign up now for your exclusive four-week online course. You get:

  • 13 helpful instructional and informative videos from a professional relationship expert who is an authority on D/S relationships
  • Guides and worksheets for each module to help you be successful in love
  • A digital copy of “Leading and Supportive Love”™
  • Two BONUS modules
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  • The instructional video series alone are valued at $1400.
  • The guides and worksheets included are valued at $300.
  • The content, tools and instruction of each module separately can cost hundreds of dollars.
  • It’s all together for you, contained in your own course portal for an entire YEAR, to study, learn and review…
  • All for only $197 when you take a minute to register now.
  • Join us on the Path of the Submissive Partner™ virtual course today, while the course is still available at this price.
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Learn how to help your relationship get to another level – with more security, happiness, deep bonded love and improved communication.

If you are in a relationship, find out how to make sure your relationship is the absolute best relationship so far!

If you are single, find out how to make sure your next relationship is the absolute best so far!

Join us in the Path of the Submissive Partner™ virtual course today, while the course is still available for only $197 (and we'll deduct $19 from checkout!)


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